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~ February 10, 2008 ~

.......of my best friend and special feline companions that I'll miss terribly for the rest of my life.
I've cried an ocean of tears, and my heart will never cease mourning.....

I have lost my best friend and bosom buddy of 22 years, Joan Green (Osanh Siamese) who passed away in the early hours of Friday, February 8, 2008. Joan taught me all I know about the Cat Fancy. If it weren't for her, I would not be breeding today.
On Dec 21, 2007 she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia, released on Dec 24th, only to be returned on Christmas day. She was told she had an aortic aneurysm (Thoracic from the angiography taken) and had a 50/50 chance to survive the surgery which she refused. She was released on Jan 7 and again rushed back to hopsital on Jan 18th due to severe pains. She had problems eating and had lost so much weight. She was told she contracted a super bug (seems to be going around all hospitals these days with so many different strains that antibiotics can't seem to catch in time or cure) that spread to her kidneys and liver and finally her brain. (I personally felt that her health was slowly deteriorating after the house fire since her spark seemed to be fading.) She had never been sick in all the years I knew her. She was so active, full of energy, always looking ahead & taking one day at a time that I had a hard time keeping up with her.

While home for this short period, she did see 2 of our queens give birth to Siamese and Oriental kittens. Our other 2 queens gave birth on January 30, 2008 while she was hospitalized. She was pleased about these litters and was looking forward to finally getting our breeding program off the ground and moving into the new home which has been under construction since September. Unfortunately, Joan will be there only in spirit. We thank all of you that have helped us get through the house fire.
God bless.

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "All is well"
and show more love than words can tell,
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side,
A friendship that will last and grow -
small wonder why we love them so.

Unfortunatley, cats can't live forever, and die of similar health complications just like people. The good Lord decides their longevity as He does with us, His children. It is our responsibility to make sure that we don't keep them alive just to nurture our own grief, as we MUST NOT let them suffer any unnecessary pain.

Image of Starduster

Western Canada Regional
7th Best Kitten
Western Canada Regional
2nd Best Chocolate Point Siamese

Sire: (GC) Koblizek Ricochet
Dam: Koblizek's Swinging Star
Born: 03/18/1988
Died: 07/07/1995

(CH) Koblizek Starduster of Shocho - Siamese Chocolate Point

- the BEST male I have ever owned! He sired some of my Grand Champions (GC): chocolate point female GC Shocho Victoria of Osanh, chocolate point male GC Shocho's Shadow, and red point male GC Shocho's Nijinski. Although it took Dusty almost two years before he realized he was a stud male (too busy loving the show circuit) all of his progeny (kids) have inherited his great temperament. He is greatly missed! Thank you Lois for this beautiful boy.

Image of Jewel

Western Canada Regional
3rd Best Siamese
Best Blue Tortie Point
Best Blue Tortie Point

Region of Canada
2nd Best Blue Tortie Point

Region of Canada
Best Blue Tortie Point

Sire:(CH) Nippondo Homany
Dam: Mypumpkins My-Ling
Born: 03/15/1989
Died: 02/01/2000

(CH) Mypumpkins Jewel of Shocho - Siamese Blue Cream (Tortie) Point

Although Jewel was spayed, she was still as spunky as a kitten, and liked to assist the young mothers with the training of their litters. (Sometimes thought they were hers by being a surrogate mom.)

Image of Crystal

Sire: Shadowstar Hershy Kisses
Dam: Tetris Sassafras
Born: 11-03-97
Died: 06-02-03

Miss Moonlit Crystal Angel - Blue-eyed White Oriental

Angel came to me when she was 3 years old and was the most affectionate female I have ever owned. I never had the opportunity to have any kittens from Angel despite my Veterinarian telling me she was healthy as there were no signs of poor health. She would conceive, then half way through the pregnancies, re-absorb. She always talked and purred. She was still eating, drinking and walking around until the last 24 hours, then - she was silent. That's when I knew something was wrong. Her necropsy confirmed she died of kidney cancer. Crystal Angel will never be forgotten!

Image of Dreamer

Sire: Lin Su's Samoset of Shocho
Dam: (CH) Wintu Quintessa of Shocho
Born: Nov 27, 1998
Died: Oct 13, 2004

Call name: "Dreamer" - my quiet Siamese

Shocho's Dream Seeker - Siamese Seal Point

In Sept 2003, Dreamer had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her mammory glands. Unfortunately, we didn't get it all - it returned and grew more furiously than ever before. It became too far advanced not even surgery would save her. It was with a very heavy heart, she was laid to rest today. She will never be forgotten but we can still carry on her lines through her sons' Shocho's Cavalier and Shocho's Hawkeye of Koblizek. (Note: Cavalier died April 19, 2013 and Hawkeye predeceased him a few years before.)

Image of Mission
Sire: Shocho's Mio Mauve
Dam: Shocho's Angel
Born: Sep 15, 1998
Died: Feb 24, 2005
Call Name: "Missi Moo Moo"

Shocho's Mission-Of-Hope - Siamese Lilac Point

Mission had one of the most unique personalties anybody could expect from a cat. She was so friendly, trusting and greeting everybody that came through our doors. She has passed this trademark on to all her kittens. Despite her failing kidneys, she never showed any dispair with her fluid treatments. She had always favoured my husband and was his special cat. Now she can share Heaven with him forever.

Image of Ladybug

Sire:(CH) Shocho's Titan
Dam: Shocho's Choclat Kisses
Born: Sep 24, 2000
Died: Feb 27, 2005
Call Name: "Bugsie"

(CH) Shocho's Miss Ladybug - Siamese Lilac Point

Ladybug died of surgical complications two days after being spayed. She was a very special Lady, and the only whole offspring carrying Choclat Kisses' lineage. Ladybug had no surviving offspring. Read her full story HERE!


Koblizek's Chocolateer of Shocho - Chocolate Point

Sire:(CH) Koblizek's Dakotah
Dam: Koblizek's Petite Bopeep
Born: Dec 10, 2001
Died: Feb 17, 2006
Call Name: "Chockie"

Another beautiful cat lost to this horrific disease called CANCER!

Chocolateer was far too young to die of lymphoma sarcoma (numerous cancer tumors causing his liver to completely shut down) without any early visible signs. Cats are fastidious at hiding their ailments until it is too late. I want to thank the Vets and staff at Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital (Visit Here!) for taking such great care of him during his final days. It was just as hard for Dr. Benipal as for me while I held Chocolateer in my arms for his journey to Rainbow Heaven.
He was a very gentle quiet stud that loved to eat and weighed in at 12 lbs (before putting him on maintenance food like my old Starduster). He was the greatest for novice queens! He never held them with his teeth - just did the job and immediately backed off. His method was very unique. Fortunately, there are females in the breeding program to carry on his lineage, but he'll still be terribly missed since he was the only male chocolate point. Koblizek bloodlines are so well known for that fabulous personality, especially in her males. So, again I say thank you Lois for my second best male, and some day, I'll be back to get another "Great" one from you.

~ Mar 3, 2007~

It has been just over two months since our home was totally destroyed by fire on Nov 28, 2006. We lost all but 2 of the cats and kittens in our breeding program. Osanh Canadian Sunshine, call name Chief, a 15 year old spayed chocolate point (Starduster's daughter) and 11 year old Shocho's Barvarien Cream, call name Pink and the only cream point male and grandson to Jewel, are the only survivors along with the dog Casper. Material things can be replaced, but these special babies cannot. Praise the Lord, we had moved a few cats to the cottage last year where we have high speed cable internet. So from these, we will rebuild our catteries in due time. Although most of these cats are ready for retirement, strange to say, they carry all the lines we lost. It is very difficult to talk about this loss, and thank everyone who has been very kind in giving us clothes etc. and sending us their prayers. It is a new year, the beginning of a new cycle where life goes on and can only get better. God bless our special friends!

~ March 28, 2007 - Poisoned Food ~

I have been using Iams cat/kitten food for nearly 20 years. I have never had any problems with their products until Feb 5th. (Note: All wet cat Food was tainted and spread all over the world.)This day was when my blue eyed white Oriental female kitten died with blood pouring out of her nose. Then on Feb 7th, the second kitten a chocolate point female died of blood pouring out of her mouth, and then on Feb 9th a third kitten died of renal failure - blood pouring out of its rectum. These kittens were fed Iams kitten pouches and canned food. The surviving litter sibling and mother, both blue eyed white Orientals never ate the canned food or pouches, and I didn't know why at that time. To this day, Crystal the mother refuses to eat any canned food. So, I gave this food to Brandi, (Crystal's mother and grandmother to these kittens) my chocolate point female who was going to have a litter of kittens in the next few days. Brandi never ate canned food, since she never liked to receive anything orally in her mouth (she has never been sick a day in her life) I wanted to give her vitamins and liquid calcium to help with her delivery. She ate this food for about a week. Then she started to vomit and her urine had increased to half a litter box full every 12 hours, so I discontinued this food. I had purchased these Iams treats for adults and kittens last November and the canned kitten food was purchased in December. I didn't start using them until the end of January when it was time for Crystal's (Brandi's daughter) kittens to be weaned onto wet food, then the dry. I had contacted my Vet about the 3 kittens that died, and decided not to do a necropsy, as I was now concerned with Brandi (Osanh queen). I had to keep her 6 kittens alive, but we lost 2 within 24 hours of their birth, then her 3rd kitten died on March 27th. This kitten's necropsy pointed to the poison food. Brandi's kidneys were failing her, but because she has always been strong and healthy, my Vet has managed to purge her kidneys and hopefully she will recover. But she will have to remain on kidney food the rest of her life. (Brandi lost her battle with kidney failure on Dec 11, 2007.)

Please monitor your pets for any changes in their health.
Siamese and Orientals do not always show any symptoms until it is almost too late!

Animal lovers are gentle, caring people - the kindness we share returns in countless little joys to warm our hearts with the birth of each new kitten.

Thank You for visiting!